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How Strong Should Your Strapping Be?

Understand your ideal break strength for strapping materials with this easy-to-use calculator to save costs and reduce damaged products!

Ideal Strapping Break Strength Calculator by Industrial Packaging

What Is Strapping Break Strength?

When it comes to strapping your products, whether to bundle multiple items or boxes together, or strapping crates down, or securing pallet loads, knowing your ideal break strength (also referred to as tensile strength) is very important! Your break strength determines how much pressure a strap can handle before it, well, breaks! 

Why Is My Break Strength Important?

If your strapping breaks, you will more than likely be looking at safety issues and product damages. Knowing the perfect strength you need is simple math, but we have made it easier with this calculator. In addition, knowing your ideal strength will allow you to minimize your costs, so you aren't purchasing a strength that is more than necessary for your needs. Or, in the opposite case, purchasing strapping material that can't handle your product in transit!  

What Do I Do Next?

Please enter the total product weight being strapped, whether it is the weight of an entire pallet, bundled, or crated items.  Once this is defined, enter in how many straps you will use to secure your product. Simple as that! You will instantly be provided with your ideal break strength for your needs.   You'll be given the option to re-use the calculator and have your results emailed to you to reference when speaking with a Packaging Solutions Specialist for your next order. So, hop on into the calculator below!  

Talk To A Strapping Expert

Ideal Strapping Break Strength Calculator by Industrial Packaging

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