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Calculate Your Ideal Bag Length and How Many Packages You Can Create Per Roll Of Shrink Film!

Determine what you can expect to produce from each roll of shrink film with this easy-to-use, instant result calculator!

Calculate your shrink film bag length and packages per roll!

Your shrink film bag length, AKA your cut-off, is the length of film that you need to use for each package you produce. The amount of film you use per package can greatly impact your overall per-package costs.

If you can reduce your cut-off, for example, from 11"- 10", you will save 9.1% Immediately! 

Determining your ideal bag length will help you better understand what you are spending (and wasting) on your packaging. 


How do I know how many packages I can get from each roll of film I use?

This is where your bag length is really important to know! We've added our most used shrink film roll sizes into this calculator to help make the calculations easier for you. Once you enter your product length, product height and select your film roll size, we can show you exactly how many packages you will achieve per roll of film. 

What Do I Do Next?

 Enter your product length and height in inches into the form on this page. Be precise here (3.2, 1.5, 6.75), the more accurate your responses, the more accurate your answers will be! Then simply select your film roll length from our options, add in your contact information (fear not, we won't bother you with relentless marketing emails!) and your calculations will be displayed instantly below!  We will send you a single confirmation email with your calculations for future reference, and to source your shrink films with Industrial Packaging, easily!
Calculate your shrink film bag length and packages per roll!

"We have been purchasing packaging materials from Industrial Packaging for over 45 years. Needless to say, we have found them to be creative, competitive, and dependable. It is what they have done for us most recently that was a true game-changer. We have recently introduced a new safety product, which requires some complicated assembly. Not only does Industrial Packaging supply us with the printed packaging materials, they actually do the assembly for us in their Contract Packaging Division. They are able to lay out the line for maximum efficiency and are able to produce the finished product very economically."

 Jeff, Vice President, Sales | AMPAC/All-Star Corporation

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