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Clear Shrink Film For Product Packaging

Stock and custom clear heat shrink films for foods, retail products, and consumer goods. Improve sustainability, appearance, shelf-life, and protection with our various shrink packaging options.

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What Is Shrink Wrap Packaging?

Shrink films shrink around your product when heat is applied to protect and add a glossy appearance. Find plain, clear shrink films that provide up to 5 layers of protection for your products, with extremely high clarity. Optional Cross-linked films provide more strength and puncture resistance Non-slip shrink films keep products from sliding when stacking. Anti-fog films provide more visibility to your foods to eliminate condensation build-up.  Find your ideal polyolefin, polyethylene, and polyvinylchloride films in stock and custom sizes to meet your production needs and each provides excellent sealability.

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Benefits Of Using Shrink Film For Product Packaging

Product Protection

Shrink films provide a layer of safety and tamper evidence to your packaging as well as protection from moisture, dirt, and other contaminants.


Not only does shrink film help enhance the visibility of your product on retail shelves, but it also enhances the look of your product with a beautiful shine. 


 High-strength shrink films provide puncture resistance and strength to your package throughout its lifecycle. 

Reduce Product Footprint

 Shrink films are lighter than other competitive packaging options, reducing emissions and overall carbon footprint, and allowing more space in transit and in the retail space.
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Want To Know More About Shrink Film?

A complete guide to shrink film that has everything you need to know to make the ideal decision for packaging your products, completely free!

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"We have been purchasing packaging materials from Industrial Packaging for over 40 years. Needless to say, we have found them to be creative, competitive, and dependable. It is what they have done for us most recently that was a true game-changer. We have recently introduced a new safety product, which requires some complicated assembly. Not only does Industrial Packaging supply us with the printed packaging materials, they actually do the assembly for us in their Contract Packaging Division. They are able to layout the line for maximum efficiency and are able to produce the finished product very economically. "

Jeff, Sr. Vice President of Sales |  All-Star/ Ampac Enterprises

"It's a pleasure working with Industrial Packaging! I couldn't be more pleased with the friendliness & responsiveness of your customer service staff. They go above & beyond helping us get what we need."

Jenn, CSR/Purchaser |  Dunn & Co.

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How Much Does Shrink Packaging Cost?

Shrink film costs are heavily tied to the resin markets and fluctuate throughout the year in accordance with supply and demand. Generally, you can expect to pay between $6-$12 per inch of width for clear, non-printed films. Some factors to consider include minimum order quantities, your film width, customizations such as an antifog barrier, and stock sizes (less expensive than custom).

Featured Shrink Resources

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 Shrink Film Width Calculator 

Determine your ideal film width for packaging your products with minimal waste and maximized cost-efficiency!

Calculate My Width

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Packages-Per-Roll & Bag Length Calculator

Determine how many products you can package per roll of shrink film based on your products dimensions and your film size. This Calculator will also provide you with your ideal bag length (your cut-off)!

Calculate My Bag Length


Some frequently asked questions we receive about clear shrink films.

What is the difference between perforated and non-perforated film?

What gauge of film do I need?

What are lead times like for shrink film orders?

Can I purchase different film brands from you?

Do you stock films in your facility?

What is the best film for food applications?

Why Choose Industrial Packaging?

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Seamless Process
 Have the entire packaging material process coordinated for you, from conception to delivery, and ongoing support
Material Selection and Support
 Professional and dedicated support for purchasing the appropriate packaging material for your application
Find Your Solution
Work with a team that is not just about selling you products, but about resolving your problems and finding you the ideal solution, whether through us or another business
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Helpful Resources For Shrink Packaging

Talk To A Specialist About Your Products

Connect with a Packaging Specialist to request a quote or determine the ideal size and quantity of shrink wrap for your production.

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